Create Information Structure

This procedure is used to create, change, copy, delete, and display information structures, blocks, identities, and values. It also includes connecting the types of information to one another. In this way, project information and search paths can be structured and classified as needed.

The steps below are based on using ‘Project Info Structure. Open’ (POS070) down to the information value level. The levels below information structure can also be processed.

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Project Info Structure. Open' (POS070).

  2. Create an information structure and enter its ID.

  3. In the E panel, enter the necessary information and press Enter.

  4. On the B panel, Specify option 20=Info block/structure to go to 'Project Info Structure. Connect Blocks' (POS220/B1).

  5. Specify option 1 = Create/select and enter an ID for the information block. Note that the block must be entered in 'Project Info Block. Open' (POS072).

  6. On the E panel, specify whether to print the information block when using 'Project Element. Print' (POS600), and if so, specify report layout 4. Press Enter.

  7. On the T panel, enter the necessary text. Press Enter.

  8. In (POS220/B1), specify option 20=Info item/block for the appropriate information block to go to 'Project Info Block. Connect Info ID' (POS230/B1).

  9. Specify option 1=Create/select and enter an ID for the information identity. Note that the information must be entered in 'Project Info ID. Open' (POS074).

  10. In (POS230/B1), specify option 20=Values/info for the appropriate information and press Enter to go to 'Project Info ID. Enter Info Values' (POS240/B1).

  11. Specify option 1=Create/select and enter an ID for the information. Note that the information identity must be entered in 'Project Info Value. Open' (POS078).

  12. In panel POS220/B1 again, repeat the steps necessary to enter more information blocks, information, or information values.

  13. Press Exit.

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