Project Information

This process is used to specify information about a project and save it in a structured way. Project information can include specific information about the service or product supplied, such as delivery method, design and so on. It can also be customer information or financial information for the project.

Project information can sometimes be used in other projects.

Before you start

Follow these steps

This section describes the activities in this process:

  1. Entering Information Version

    Project information can be classified into different versions. This can be necessary when an information value(s) is changed, as when activities or a subproject are added.

    Locked project information can also be retrieved from another project.

  2. Entering Information Values

    Information values are entered in information identities. These are entered in an information structure which can be set using an information template to facilitate processing. The information structure can be connected to activities or subprojects.

    Information identities are grouped into information blocks so that one or more blocks can be used in the information structure. Information values can be numeric, alphanumeric, discrete numeric, or simply text.

  3. Locking Information Version

    The final information version is locked so it becomes the current version. Previously locked versions are automatically assigned a different status to indicate this. The contents of a locked information version can be copied from one project to another.

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