Creating Project Quotations

This document describes how to create a project quotation. The quotation describes the proposed project in both scope and price. It also includes information on the customer and information such as terms of delivery. Several different customers can be entered, but only one is used when creating a project from the quotation.

Follow these steps

The process includes the following activities, which can be performed in any sequence after Creating Quotation Structure.

  1. Creating Quotation Structure

  2. Quotation Costing

  3. Project Scheduling

  4. Project Information

  5. Detailed Activity Planning

Creating Quotation Structure

The quotation structure can be created in one of the following ways:

The quotation number is set either manually or automatically. The project order type controls how automatically generated quotation numbers are generated.

Project Template

An appropriate project template is first selected to create a project structure for the quotation. The structure can then be changed as needed.

Project Element

When entering a quotation, one project element is first selected as the main element for the highest level in the project structure. A desired structure for the quotation can then be built by copying:

Copy from another Quotation

An entire quotation including project structure and quotation customers can be copied. The entire structure is copied together with selected parts. The following parts can be selected:

Several versions of the same quotation can be created, each containing a different project structure. Different customers and costings can be connected to each separate version.

Quotation Costing

Every quotation or quotation version can be costed using various mark-ups. Costing is done on the budget item level by connecting the item to a costing element. This can be done either manually or automatically using a costing template. When the quotation is transferred to a project, the locked quotation costing can be included as the initial project budget.

Project Scheduling

Activities necessary for the planned project for the quotation can be scheduled. When the quotation is transferred to the project, the time schedule can be included.

Project Information

Project information can be used to connect information to a quotation. The information can later be transferred to the project if the quotation is accepted.

Detailed Activity Planning

Activity planning includes specifying the tasks necessary for the activities in the project. This includes rough order scheduling which can be included when the quotation is transferred to a project.

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