Project Management

This document describes how to carry out all the stages in a project, from the decision to start to when it is closed.

Projects can be either internal or external. External projects are run for a customer and are started from a successful quotation or from an order. Internal projects can involve reorganization, design or development of some sort in the company.

A project can be separated into two processes. The first begins when the project is opened, continues until it is closed, and includes the financial transactions in the project. The second process begins with the project start, continues until it is finished, and covers the activities of the project.


This process interacts with other processes, such as Purchase Order Processing and General Ledger. In this way, every activity in a project can be managed.

Internal relationship

The module includes three processes. The relationship between the processes is illustrated in the following diagram:

Quotation Management

External projects are usually preceded by a project quotation. This is then sent to the customer or prospect for reply. When the quotation is created, costs are estimated, revenues forecasted, activities scheduled, and the required resources reserved, as well as information set for the coming project.

Preparing Projects

Preparing projects involves all planning activities, such as goals, scope, financial planning, scheduling, and so on.

Performing Projects

Performing projects includes describing all the activities necessary to meet the goals, from the project start to its finish. The process is completed when the project is completed and all planned activities are carried out. This includes recording financial transactions against the project and reporting the result.

Project managers and participants can manage and track the progress of project.

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