Correcting Invoices for Project Orders

This document explains how you create a credit note and a possible new debit invoice based on an original incorrect project invoice created in 'Project Invoice. Update' (POS480).

A project invoice usually needs to be corrected when the amounts, charges, VAT code, or VAT registration numbers on the original invoice are incorrect.

Note: You can only possible to credit an entire invoice, not just parts of it.


A credit note is created for the entire original invoice with a reference to the original invoice number, together with VAT information for the credit note and for the original invoice.

A new invoice might be created based on the original invoice, but with no reference to it.

An accounting journal and a customer invoice journal are also printed.

Send the credit note and, if applicable, the new invoice to the customer or payer.

You can later review the invoice history in 'Project Invoice. Display' (POS350). By selecting options you can access the following programs:

Another way to review the invoice history is by project in 'Project Invoice. Update' (POS480). If an invoice activity has been corrected, it is marked in a different color on the B panel. By using an option for the marked invoice activity you access (POS485), where all the invoices (and credit notes) that refer to the activity are displayed.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Check if the Invoice is a Summary Invoice

    You must first identify whether the incorrect invoice is a summary invoice, since this affects how the correction is made.

    You do this in 'Project Invoice. Display History' (POS485). Start 'Project Invoice. Display' (POS350) and select the option 'Display Invoice History' to reach (POS485). The program displays all invoice activities (by project number and project element) that are included in an invoice.

    The invoice is a summary invoice if it contains more than one invoice activity. The invoice is not a summary invoice if it contains only one invoice activity.

  2. Identify All Invoice Activities

    If the invoice is a summary invoice, you must manually write down all invoice activities displayed in (POS485) that are included in the summary invoice.

    By doing so, you know which invoice activities might need to be adjusted. Later in the process when the credit note is created, you must also manually raise the status for all included invoice activities before you can create a new invoice.

  3. Create Corrective Invoice

    The invoice is corrected in three steps:

    • You credit the entire invoice in 'Project Invoice Credit. Print' (POS492).
    • You adjust the invoice activity, and thereby create a new debit invoice proposal. The invoice activity that you process will be an identical copy of the original invoice activity.
    • You release the invoice proposal and create a new invoice.

    How this is done practically partly depends on whether the invoice is a summary invoice.

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