Work Center

The purpose of this supporting function is to enter and maintain work centers and information regarding them to ease entry of operations, production planning and product costing.

Before you start

Before you can use this supporting function, these prerequisites must be met:

Follow these steps

This supporting function includes entering and maintaining work centers.

  1. Enter work center

    Work centers are entered in 'Work Center. Open' (PDS010). Information regarding these are separated into three categories.

    • Information in panels E and F primarily regard production planning.
    • Information to be proposed in connection with entering operations for which the work center is used is entered in panel G.
    • Information regarding how each field can be processed when entering operations for which the work center is used is entered in panel H.

    For more information, see Enter Work Center.

  2. Register work instructions

    Mark a line and select option 14=Operation elements, 'Operation Element. Open' (PDS025) can be called to add operation elements to a work center. Operation elements refer to a particular document or special tools that are needed to perform the work carried out at the work center.

    For more information, see Register Work Instruction.

    Another type of work instructions is an inspection. Inspections can be defined together with expected or permitted tolerance limits. After the operation is performed and the inspection made, the inspection results can be entered providing both performance and follow-up information.

    For more information, see Create Inspection ID with Inspection Tasks.

  3. Enter costs for work center

    After completing the above in (PDS010), use option 11 = 'Rates' to call 'Costing Component. Enter W/C Rates' (PCS100). Here, average hourly costs for the different costing types are entered. If the work center is a subcontract work center, 'Costing Component. Enter Material O/H' (PCS115) is called instead.

    Mean hourly costs are used as a basis for calculation in product costing and internal accounting.

  4. Create capacity calendar

    After returning to (PDS010) above, use option 12='Capacity' to call 'Work Center. Change Capacity' (PDS015) Here, a capacity calendar for each work center and year is created. This capacity calendar is based on information specified for the work center and in the system calendar.

    When any information affecting capacity for the work center or in the system calendar is changed, then the capacity calendar must be recreated. This is done using option 22='Re-create Capacity' in either program (PDS010) or (PDS015).

    To create capacity calendars for more than one work center, program 'Work Center. Create Capacity' (PDS960) can be used. Here, the range of work centers and years can be specified.

    For more information, see Create Capacity Calendar.

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