Bill of Material Analysis

Bills of material (BoM) are different listings of a product's included materials. There are two primary types of bills of materials, summarized and indented.

Summarized bills of material are created using a file set up by the user for that purpose. Indented bills of materials are created from a product's own bill of material.

Bills of material can either be displayed on-screen or printed. Printouts can be made for any quantity and in any number of product structure levels.


This process includes creating, displaying and printing bills of material. These are the activities in this process:

Before you start

This supporting function requires that material must be entered for the products to be processed in 'Product Structure. Open' (PDS001) and 'Product. Connect Materials/Operations' (PDS002). For more information, refer to Creating a Product Structure.

You must have selected the parameter 'Create sum BoM' in 'Item Type. Open' (CRS040/E).

Follow these steps

  1. Launch 'Product Structure. Open' (PDS001).

  2. Highlight a product in the grid.

  3. Right-click and select Related Options > Indented BoM (or CTRL+22).

    If you selected a versioned product structure in PDS001, the B panel of 'Indented Bill of Material. Display' (PDS100) opens.

  4. Update the desired fields such as Quantity.

    For a product structure with versions, the system retrieves the applicable version and the corresponding From date and To date for that version based on the range within which the Structure date falls.

  5. Click Apply to view the component details in the grid.

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