Create Inspection ID with Inspection Tasks

The purpose of the procedure is to register an inspection ID with inspection tasks. Inspections are usually associated with predictive type operations where, meter readings such as temperature and pressure are taken. The inspection ID can, for example, be used as an inspection checklist by connecting a number of inspections tasks to the inspection. The inspection tasks are connected to result ID’s on which it is possible to define approval limits or specific values for inspection result values. Alarms can be generated for inspection results reported outside defined limits or expected values.

The inspection can be connected to work centers in 'Operation Element. Open' (PDS025) as a work instruction or to service operations as operation elements in 'Operation. Connect Operation Elements' (PDS027). The inspection tasks will be available in 'WO Operation. Report Inspection Results' (MOS085) on work orders where the inspection operation is added to the work order lines.

Before you start

Before you begin, the following prerequisites must be met:

Follow these steps

Create an inspection with inspection tasks

  1. Start 'Quality Inspection. Open' (PDS040/B).

  2. Enter an 'inspection ID' and select option ’Create’ to display the E-panel.

    Complete the information in panel E Result: you are returned to 'Quality Inspection. Open' (PDS040/B).

  3. In (PDS040/E) enter a 'name' and 'description'.

  4. Populate 'valid from' and 'to' dates, 'setup up time', 'run time', 'planned number of workers' (optional).

  5. Select an inspection skill from 'Inspection Skill. Open' (CRS089) by browsing with F4 (optional).

  6. Specify free text in the free text fields (optional).

  7. Click Enter/Next to finish. 'Quality Inspection. Open' (PDS040/B) displayed.

  8. Select option 11='Inspection Tasks'. 'Quality Inspection. Connect Tasks' (PDS041) displayed.

  9. Enter a 'Line Number' and select option 'Create' to display the E-panel.

  10. In (PDS041/E), enter a 'name' and 'description'.

  11. Select a 'result ID' from 'Quality Inspection Result. Open' (PDS042) by browsing with F4.

    The expected 'value', 'range values', 'external limits', 'alarm limits' and 'trend limits' are defaulted from the 'result ID' (PDS042).

  12. Select a 'result unit of measure'.

  13. Select a 'meter' (optional). Meters can be used for reporting values that use a meter, for example running hours in meters, hours etc.

  14. Enter 'Description'.

  15. Click Enter/Next to finish.

  16. The inspection is now registered. To add additional tasks, repeat steps 9-15.

Create Result ID's

  1. Start 'Quality Inspection Result. Open' (PDS042/B).

  2. Enter the 'result ID'.

  3. Enter the 'result type'. Select between numeric or alphanumeric defined using limits or a table.

  4. Select option 'Create' to display the E-panel.

  5. In (PDS042/E), enter a 'name' and 'description'.

  6. Select the 'number of decimals' allowed in the report value.

  7. For inspection result ID’s with result type 1 or 2 it is possible to define 'expected value', 'range values', 'external limits', 'alarm limits' and 'trend limits' of the reported inspection results (optional). The range values define the internal limits in which the inspection results are considered approved. The external limits define external limits in which the inspection results are considered approved. The alarm limits define the limits at which messages can be generated to a user if the inspection results fall outside.

    The trend limit defines the limit above which a work request can be auto created as an alarm. If a result value is reported above the trend limit a work request will be created based on the service definition specified in 'Settings – Maintenance 1' (CRS788), parameter '38 – Automatic creation of work requests from MOS085'.

  8. Click Enter/Next to finish.

    Connect result values tor result ID's

    For inspection result ID’s with result type 3 or 4 it is possible to define result values in a table format in 'Quality Inspection Result. Connect Value' (PDS043). The result values are predefined results that can be reported in (MOS085). Values not defined In (PDS043) cannot be reported in (MOS085) and will generate warning messages.

  9. Select option 11='Result Values'. 'Quality Inspection Result. Connect Value' (PDS043) displayed.

  10. In (PDS043/B), enter a 'result value' and select option 'Create' to display the E-panel.

  11. In (PDS043/E), enter a 'name' and 'description'.

  12. Select a 'product', 'structure type' and 'service' from 'Service Definition. Open' (MOS300) (optional).

  13. Select an 'inspection ID' from 'Quality Inspection. Open' (PDS040) (optional). If an inspection ID is specified the corresponding Inspection ID will be auto generated in (MOS085) when the result value is reported in (MOS085).

  14. Click Enter/Next to finish

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