Create Capacity Calendar

This procedure is used to create a capacity calendar and maintain capacity for one or more work centers.

Before you start

Before you begin to create a capacity calendar the following prerequisites must be met:

Follow these steps

Creating a capacity calendar

For more information on maintaining actual capacity, see this document: Capacity per Work Center/Day

  1. Select 'Work Center. Change Capacity' (PDS015), or when in 'Work Center. Open' (PDS010) select Capacity (12).

  2. To create capacity, specify the work center, year and possible shift pattern. This creates general capacity for the specified values. If shift is not entered the shift pattern is picked up from the work center.

  3. End processing here or make capacity changes on a daily or shift level according to steps 4 to 6. Select Change to continue (2).

  4. Specify the week number to change general capacity for specific weeks or select correct shift record.

  5. When using shifts, change general capacity for an entire week, use fields 'Capacity Deviation', 'Number of Shifts', and 'Number of Units' (machine or persons)

  6. If you do not use shift, you can change capacity for a day within the week, use field Actual 1 to Actual 7 (Monday to Sunday). This way actual capacity for the work center and the processed day of the week has been created.

  7. Click Exit (F3.)

Creating a capacity calendar for several work centers for a new year

  1. Select 'Work Center. Create Capacity' (PDS960)

  2. Specify the selection range and run the program. General capacity per calendar day is then created for the selected work centers and calendar years.

  3. Choose Exit (F3), or continue with the next step to change general capacity.

  4. To change general capacity per work center and calendar day, follow the instructions above for 'Work Center. Change Capacity' (PDS015) (skip step 2).


This procedure results in actual capacity being created per work center and calendar day. Actual capacity is updated per work center, manufacturing lead time is calculated for the affected structures and load for the affected work centers is corrected.

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