Production Data

The module is used to administrate basic data for manufactured items. It includes programs for creating, maintaining and analyzing basic data.


The module interacts with other modules according to the figure below:

Warehouse activity control

When entering product structures, headers and material, item information is retrieved from the item file, which is updated in Warehouse Activity Control. The item file contains codes regulating maintenance of product structures. The result of the products’ lead time calculation updates the supply lead time for each item and warehouse.

Material plans in Warehouse Activity Control are updated with material requirements for manufacturing orders and planned orders based on the product’s bill of material.

Engineering/Recipe change management

A product structure can be updated through an engineering change order.

Product configurator

By using product configuration, material and operations are updated for products with varying material and operations.

Manufacturing order processing

In this module, manufacturing orders are created based on the product structure bill of material and routing. The manufacturing lead time for a manufacturing order is based on the setup and run times of the operations and the capacity of the work centers.

Capacity requirements planning

In this module, capacity and load for the work centers are calculated. The capacity calculation is based on the capacity of each work center, while the load is based on the setup and run times of the operations.

Material requirements planning

The material requirements calculation simulates material requirements for different plans based on the product’s bill of material.

Rough-cut capacity planning

In this module, load is planned using information from the work centers.

Product costing

Product costing is done based on the product’s bill of material and routing, as well as the work center costs.

Internal relationship

The module includes one process and seven procedures. The relationship between them is illustrated in the following diagram.

Before you start

The following prerequisites must be met:

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