Create ECO for Document

This procedure is used to create an engineering change order for changes to a document. This includes defining the activities to be performed for the order and the recipients of the order document, as well as printing the document.

Before you start

This procedure can only be started for items and documents which are identified in the respective item/document file as using ECO management for any engineering changes. Additionally, the following basic data must be defined:

Follow these steps

Follow the steps below to create or print an ECO for a document.

  1. Select program 'Engineering Change Order. Open' (ECS420).

  2. Specify the order number and order type. Create the order. If field Order number is left blank, then the next available number for the order number series defined in the order type is retrieved.

  3. Fill in the necessary information in the order header, panel E.

  4. To create on order line in program 'ECO. Open Lines' (ECS422), panel B, enter change type 2, the item number for ID, and a line number. If field Line number is left blank, then the next available number from the sequence counting by 10 is used.

  5. Specify the version number the document will receive after the change is completed. Specify whether the docment is to be released and describe the changes in the text block.. Specify the implementation criteria required for the changes. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for all the changes to be implemented.

  6. Enter the activities to be performed before the order is approved in the activities list in program Engineering Change Order Activity (ECS421), panel B. Each activity is assigned a status between 11 and 79.

  7. Define the recipient(s) of the order document in program Work with Distributions Lists - ECO ('ECO. Open Distribution List' (ECS423), panel E. Recipients can be created one at a time or by copying a general distribution list.

  8. Print the order document for each recipient in program ECS420/A or B. Separate copies of the order document can also be printed from the distribution list in program ECS423/B.

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