Connect Feature to Product Structure Header

The purpose of this procedure is to connect different features to a product structure header. These connections make it possible to directly affect the search hierarchy, that is, the order in which the features are displayed when a product is configured.

Before you start

Before you can begin to connect a feature to a product structure header, the following prerequisites must be met:

  1. Features are specified in program 'Feature. Open' (PDS055).

  2. A product to be configured is specified in program 'Product Structure. Open' (PDS001).

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Product Structure. Open' (PDS001), panel B.

  2. Select option 'Features/prod' (option 13) to start 'Product. Connect Features' (PDS009).

  3. Specify the sequence number and feature.

  4. Create the connection. If the sequence number is not filled in, it is created automatically according to the interval specified in panel P. This panel is displayed using F13=Parameters. Remember that the features are displayed in descending sequence number order when a product is configured.


A feature is connected to a product structure header when using this procedure. This will affect the order in which different options can be specified when a product is configured.

See Search Hierarchy for Product Configuration.

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