Enter Customer or Country-Specific Variant Combination

The purpose of this procedure is to create proposals for variant combinations per customer or country.

These proposals are then retrieved automatically when a product is Configure Product for a specific customer or country.

Before you start

Before you can begin to enter customer or country-specific variant combinations, the following prerequisites must be met:

Follow these steps

Follow the steps below to enter a customer or country-specific variant combination.

  1. Start 'Feature. Connect Default Options' (PDS053).

  2. Enter the customer , country or product for which features and options should be proposed when a product is configured. When the product is configured, the proposal is retrieved from both country and customer. Proposals for each country are retrieved via the customer's country code.

  3. Enter the feature and option to be connected to the customer or country.

  4. Mark a line and select option 'Create/Select' (option 1). A check is made to see if the variant combination is valid.


Automatic proposals for options based on customer and country are obtained when using this procedure.

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