Enter Invalid Variant Combination

The purpose of this procedure is to enter the variant combinations which may not be used together when a product is Configure Product.

Before you start

Before you can begin to enter invalid variant combinations, the following prerequisites must be met:

Follow these steps

Follow the steps below to enter an invalid variant combination.

  1. Select program 'Feature/Option Comb. Open Invalid' (PDS051).

  2. Enter the feature and option for which other feature/option combinations is not permitted.

  3. Enter the feature and option which may not be used with the feature/option combination entered in the previous step.

  4. Mark a line and select Create/Select (option 1) to create the combination. Note that the reverse of this combination will be created automatically. If this second combination should, however, be permitted, it must be deleted manually. A check is made to ensure there is no conflicting information concerning the obligatory variant combinations.


With this procedure, invalid variant combinations can be entered before using feature/option combinations at a later point.


Assume that acceptable options are Blue, Yellow and Green for the feature Color when a product is configured.

However, these combinations should not be permitted if the option Leather is used with the feature Material; instead, only Blue and Green should be valid options for the feature Color.

To avoid combining the Material/Leather combination with the Color/Yellow combination, this invalid combination is entered as shown in the first entry below. The other entry is created automatically.

Feature Option   Feature Option
Material Leather   Color Yellow
Color Yellow   Material Leather

Since the second combination is created automatically, the order in which the features are displayed when the product is configured is irrelevant. If only the first combination had existed, it would have been an invalid combination if the feature Material were displayed before the feature Color.

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