Enter Feature

The purpose of this procedure is to create features and name them in different languages.

Before you start

Before you can begin to enter a feature, the languages to be used must be entered in program 'Language. Open' (CRS010).

Follow these steps

Follow the steps below to enter a feature.

  1. Select program 'Feature. Open' (PDS055). Include panels E and 1 in your panel sequence.

  2. Enter a new feature and feature type.

  3. Select 'New' to create the feature.

  4. Fill in the information in panel E. The description is displayed when a product variant is configured.

  5. Specify the name and description of the feature in the appropriate language in program 'Feature. Enter Names/Language' (PDS057).


A feature is entered and is ready to be used for product configuration when using this procedure.

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