Search for Errors in Product Configuration

The purpose of this procedure is to find errors in a product configuration. An error is when incorrect features are displayed, for example, or when features are displayed in the wrong order. A selection matrix which cannot be closed is another example of an error that should be detected.

Before you start

Before you can begin to search for product configuration errors, a configuration must be created.

Follow these steps

Follow the steps below to search for errors in a product configuration.

  1. Open a product configuration using a program such as 'Indented Bill of Material. Display' (PDS100) for the product to be searched.

  2. Enter the options for each feature until the errors are displayed. At the bottom left of the panel there is a description of where the features were found. This description begins with three characters as defined in program 'Config Comp Analysis. Display Where used' (PDS630). The characters indicate the type of product configuration element in which the feature was found.

  3. End when all errors have been processed.

  4. Start the functions where the error occurs.

  5. To find selection matrices which have not been closed for a stored configuration, select option Open matrices (option 13) in 'Config & Simulation. Open' (PDS605).


Errors in a product configuration are detected when using this procedure.

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