Change Product Configuration

The purpose of this procedure is to change a product configuration.

A product configuration may need to be changed when changes have been made to requirements or to product configuration elements.

A drawing measurement is always calculated when a product configuration is created. If this measurement has been changed, the configuration must be redone in order for the change to take effect. Changes to the bill of material or routing are retrieved again when a manufacturing order or a simulated product configuration is created.

Before you start

Before you can change a product configuration, one must be created and have a status of 40 or lower.

Follow these steps

Follow the steps below to change a product configuration.

  1. Select program 'Config & Simulation. Open' (PDS605).

  2. If the configuration has status 50 or 60, specify option 26=Wrk MO. If the configuration has status 40 or lower, go to step 4.

  3. In order to be able to change a configuration with status 50 or 60 you must delete the manufacturing order created for the highest level in the configuration, in other words, the product which is configured. Before this is done please take action to remove possible purchase and distribution in the supply chain of the configuration by using 'Active Supply Chain (MWS150). End the program. The status of the configuration is automatically lowered to 40 when the manufacturing order is deleted.

  4. Mark the configuration you want to change and select option 'Change config' (option 27). If simulated configurations have been created, the use of this option is particularly important. If the line with the configuration is marked when using this option, no simulated configurations are changed. If a line with a simulated configuration is marked, then this is changed, while the configuration and other simulated configurations remain unchanged.

  5. Make the desired changes. The affected product structure tree is searched the same way as when a configuration is created in order to ensure that all features have corresponding options. Please note however that new features can appear depending on the changes you do. This since new branches of a product structure can be used if an option is changed.

  6. Check any results using the simulated configuration or drawing measurement. Manufacturing or purchase orders for a configuration which was created earlier should be checked to see that they still agree with the new configuration. If a manufacturing order has been created from a simulated configuration, a flag for the changed lines is displayed in 'Configuration. Update Simulation Result' (PDS615) If there are purchase orders containing ordered items which are no longer used in the new simulated configuration, the function key 'Unconn purch' (F15) is activated. Correct any errors in existing orders.

  7. Re-create any manufacturing orders which were deleted before the change was made.


Changes are made to a product configuration when using this procedure.

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