Analyze Product Configuration

The purpose of this procedure is to analyze the result of a product configuration in order to obtain detailed information about the configuration.

Before you start

Before you can analyze a product configuration, one must be created.

Follow these steps

Follow the steps below to analyze a product configuration.

  1. Select program 'Config & Simulation. Open' (PDS605).

  2. Search for the product configuration(s) to be analyzed.

  3. Select Options/config (option 11) for information on the features used in the configuration and the options selected for them.

  4. Select Draw meas/confg (option 12) for information on the drawing measurements used in the configuration. Information is provided on the measurements of the open drawing measurements and the measurements which were not closed when the configuration was created.

  5. Select Open matrices (option 13) for information on the selection matrices which could not be closed.


Information about the various results of a product configuration is obtained using this procedure.

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