Create Product Configuration

The purpose of this procedure is to create a product configuration by Configure Product.

The product configuration is normally started when a specific customer requirement is entered. This requirement can be entered as a:

The product configuration is also started when inquires are made about an item with configuration code 1 or 2. The inquiry programs in question are:

Before you start

Before you begin to create a product configuration, the following prerequisites must be met:

Follow these steps

Follow the steps below to create a product configuration.

  1. Select one of the above mentioned functions for a configured item in order to start the product configurator 'Configuration. Create' (PDS600).

  2. Enter a short explanatory text for the configuration if necessary.

  3. When prompted, fill in the form for features based on the search hierarchy for product configuration

    If a response is not automatically prompted or if you want to change the default reason, enter a response (option) manually, or mark the desired response and then press Enter. The options can also be entered by retrieving them from an existing product configuration. Use function key Default values (F15).

    To change an option, place the cursor on the option and then use function key Change (F14). Click Enter and the product configuration continues with the new option and proposes subsequent options as specified before you made the change.

  4. If an asterisk (*) is displayed after a feature, then there is more explanatory text. To display this text, place the cursor on the feature and then use function key Text (F6).At the very bottom of the panel it is shown where the latest feature in the current structure tree has been found. For more information on this, see Search for Errors in Product Configuration.

  5. Certain options for a feature may result in a component or drawing measurement not being able to be closed (in other words, they cannot be found or calculated). In this case a window is displayed in the middle of the panel. Here you must enter the result which should be used for the moment in the product configuration. Before a procurement order for the configuration can be created, all parts must be closed. When the last feature has been responded to with an option, the configuration is ended automatically and the configuration result is saved. The result is not saved if the configuration is started from one of the above-mentioned inquiry programs.


A product variant is created by using this procedure. This variant is described by a product configuration, which serves as a response to a specific customer requirement regarding a product's function or design.

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