Product Variants with Item Number

The purpose of this process is to create product variants with unique item numbers. These variants are created using a family item whose product structure contains all product structures of the product variants.

When a new combination of materials is entered in the family item’s bill of material, a new product variant is created which is automatically entered in the item file as an item with a unique item number.

One reason for creating product variants with item numbers is when commonly reoccurring items are needed. Another reason is if one wishes to place all product variants in a common product structure and still be able to save price or balance information for each unique variant.

Before you start

The process can be started when these prerequisites are met:


A product variant with an item number is created and entered as an item in the item file when using this process.

Follow these steps

The process includes these activities:

  1. Create product variant with item number.

  2. Analyze and change product variant with item number.

Create Product Variant with Item Number

These are created in program 'Product Variant. Open' (PDS060). For more information about the procedure, see Create Product Variant with Item Number. The product variants are created based on a family item. This offers the following advantages:

Analyze and Change Product Variant with Item Number

These can be analyzed and changed in the same way as for product configurations. For more information see procedures Analyze Product Configuration and Change Product Configuration. When this is done, sorting order 4 is used in program 'Config & Simulation. Open' (PDS605). Alternatively, product variants with item numbers can be changed in program PDS060.

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