Attribute Control

This document explains the principles underlying M3 Attribute Control and how M3 Attribute Control facilitates item handling.


Items are set to be attribute managed and connected to attribute models. These models consist of attributes that are valid for one or several items.

Attributes are pieces of information that are used as further descriptions of items. Each attribute carries a value, which can be numeric, alphanumeric, etc. By using attributes it is possible to minimize the number of items and to structure item information from supply, through warehouse activities, to order fulfillment. For example, attribute values can be used as a basis when setting dynamic sales and purchase prices, controlling allocation, etc.

Attribute handling affects a large number of files in various parts of M3. This is further described in the documentation for the respective function area.

Information Storage

The attribute records are stored in two files:

Before you start

For more details, refer to Setting Up Attribute Control.


The purpose of Attribute Control is to structure the information connected to items.


Before you can start using Attribute Control, you have to enter the necessary settings. For more details, refer to Setting Up Attribute Control.

Some essential basic data are described below.


Attribute Control can be used in many different situations.

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