Set Default Attribute Values

This document explains how you define default attribute values. The default values will be proposed automatically when the values are set for an attribute.


You have set the rules for which default values are to be proposed for a certain attribute.

Default attribute values can be set for alphanumeric and numeric attributes (attribute categories 1 and 2, respectively).

The default values will be retrieved according to the following hierarchy (in descending order):

The following files are updated:

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Attribute. Open' (ATS010/B) or 'Attribute Model. Connect Attributes' (ATS051/B).

    (ATS051/B) is started from 'Attribute Model. Open' (ATS050).

  2. Select the attribute to which you want to connect valid values and select option 13 on (ATS010/B) or option 23 on (ATS051/B).

  3. In 'Available Object Ctrl Parameters. Open' (CMS016) select up to three key fields that control how the valid attribute value is set up. Click Next.

    This program is only displayed the first time that you set the valid values. Once you selected the key fields, you will reach 'Attribute Matrix. Open' (ATS020). If you want to change the key fields retroactively, start 'Available Object Ctrl Parameters. Open' (CMS016).

  4. On 'Attribute Matrix. Open' (ATS030/B) fill in the start value fields. Click New.

    The headings of these fields depend on what fields you have selected in (CMS016). If, for example, you selected the field IASUNO, the field heading will be 'Supplier number.'

  5. On the E panel, specify a fixed default value or how the default value should be retrieved.

    • For alphanumeric attributes: Enter a default value or select a field from which the default value should be retrieved.
    • For numeric attributes: Enter a default value and specify whether you want to set default value ranges (optional) and how these should be calculated. If you want to use a formula, fill in the formula fields.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each default value you want to set.

Parameters to set

Program ID/Panel Field The field indicates …
(CMS016/E) Priority …the priority of the table. When new attributes are created, the tables are searched in order of priority for a default value that corresponds to the specified initial value.
  Field 1/2/3

…a field or data element from a specific file. It is used to create keys or search paths for user-defined tables as well as to create the contents of user-defined files.

This basic setup is done per attribute and up to three different objects can be selected.

Valid objects include item number, product group, item group, order category, customer number, customer order type, supplier number, country and project.

(ATS030/B) Start value 1/2/3 … start values that depend on which fields they have been connected to on (CMS016/E). For example, if you have selected supplier and item number as controlling objects, the attribute value will be valid for the combination of supplier and item entered in these fields.
  Priority …the table priority. When new attribute records are created the tables are searched in order of priority for a default value that corresponds to the specified initial value.
ATS030/E Default value …the default attribute value for new attribute records.
  Field …a field from with the default value should be retrieved. This field is displayed for alphanumeric values only.

Control Default Values for Numeric Attributes

  From/To value percentage …default percentages for the range of attribute values. The values are provided as percentages with two decimal places. If no value is entered, then the from value will be regarded as the target value
  From/To value …default values for the range of attribute values.
  Formula …the identity of a formula. You can use formulas to calculate quantities in bills of material, drawing measurements, operation run times or sales prices.
  Formula result ID …the result identity, which together with the formula identity will be used to update the included quantity. If the result identity is left blank the system will use the last calculated result.
  From/To result ID …default values for a range of attribute values using a formula-based calculation.
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