Copy Several Materials and Operations

This document explains how to copy several materials and operations at once from one product structure to another.


The selected operation(s) which are associated to a product structure are copied.

Before you start

Before you begin the copy process, these prerequisites must be met:

Follow these steps

  1. Select an existing product ID in 'Product Structure. Open' (PDS001) and open the E panel to view the details.

  2. Start 'Material/Operation. Copy Several' (PDS006).

    The product ID you had selected in (PDS001) defaults into the Product field on the B panel. This product will ultimately receive any copied operation(s).

  3. Select a sorting order.

  4. Enter a product ID in the 'Copy from' field to specify which product's operation details you want to copy from.

  5. Click Apply to populate the grid.

  6. After highlighting the desired row(s) in the grid, right-click and select Copy (or Ctrl+3).

    A message appears, saying whether the copying process was performed successfully.

  7. Close the program when you are finished copying the desired material/operation details.

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