Connect Feature and Options to Material or Operation

This document explains how to connect a drawing measurement, feature, or attribute to a material or an operation.

Drawing measurements are used to describe products in geometric terms. Each drawing measurement may be connected to a product structure to be used in a product configuration (i.e. a product variant usually produced for a one-time use).

A feature typically represents a characteristic that describes the variability of an item from when it is produced and when it is sold. Examples of features include color, length, and size.

Attributes are typically used to store values connected to an item. The item and attribute are required to describe all the characteristics of the associated lot and balance identity.


You can connect a drawing measurement (i.e. instrument), feature, or attribute to a material/operation.

Before you start

The process can be started when these prerequisites are met:

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Material/Op. Connect Feature/Options' (PDS003).

  2. On the B1 panel:

    1. In the Selection type (Stp) column, right-click to open the browse window and select one of these values:

      • 2 - Drawing measurement
      • 3 - Feature
      • 5 - Attribute
    2. In the Selection ID field, select the desired ID based on the specified selection type (i.e. either for the drawing measurement or feature connected to the material).

    3. On the Option field, select the desired value from the browse window.

  3. Select the Create option.

  4. On the E panel, select the desired option from the 'Include/exclude product structure line' field. This field indicates whether the structure line should be included when the product structure is exploded or configured.

    Note: All records for a feature or a drawing measurement must have the same conditions to allow structure lines to be included or excluded.
  5. Click Next to save.

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