Connect Shift to Work Center

This document explains how to connect a shift to a work center.


Work centers may have various shifts connected if the Validity type is '2-Temporary'.

Before you start

The process can be started when these prerequisites are met:

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Work Center. Connect Shift' (PDS014).

  2. On the B panel:

    1. In the first column of the grid, right-click to open the Browse window and select a work center.

    2. In the Validity type (Vtp) column, select one of these values:

      • 1 - General: This refers to one single record that provides information on the capacity for a given work center/shift combination.
      • 2 - Temporary: This selection allows for shift capacity adjustments to be made based on the associated date range.
    3. If the Validity type is 2, enter a date in the 'From date' field.

  3. Select the Create option.

  4. On the E panel:

    1. Enter a 'To date' which is only applicable if the Validity type is defined as 2-Temporary.

    2. For the specified work center, enter the typical number of machines, the number of persons, and/or the utilization rate in the respective fields.

  5. Click Next to save.

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