Create Version for a Product Structure

This document explains how to create versions of product structures.

The product structure class assigned to each product structure determines if the versions are applicable to manufacturing processes. All class types, other than '00' (Discrete), are used for the purpose of process manufacturing.

Versions of a product structure can be only contiguous and their To and From dates cannot overlap.

Before you start

This prerequisite must be met:


A version is created for the desired product structure.

Follow these steps

  1. Launch 'Product Structure. Open' (PDS001).

  2. On the B panel, highlight a version-managed product in the grid.

  3. Right-click and select Related Options > Versions (or CTRL+16).

  4. When 'Product. Version' (PDS028) opens, enter a Version number and select the Create option.

  5. On the E panel, enter these fields:

    • Description
    • From date
    • To date
    • Batch recalculation, if desired
    • Yield percentage, if desired
    • Yield quantity (defaults from 'Product Structure. Open' (PDS001) and may be updated).
  6. Click Next to save your changes. The newly created version appears in the grid on the B1 panel of 'Product. Version' (PDS028).

MI transactions

The MI transactions that exist for entering/maintaining version details include:

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