Update Relationships between Work Center and Resources

This document explains how to update the relationships between a work center and its resources. A work center resource is the lowest level at which planning or scheduling can be performed.


The setup of relationships between work centers and work center resources allows for operations on manufacturing orders to have both a work center and work center resource.

Before you start

Before you can update these relationships, this prerequisite must be met:

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Work Center. Update Relationships' (PDS011)

  2. On the B panel, specify a facility in the Facility field and click Apply to populate the grid.

  3. Highlight the desired row showing the work center and work center resource relationship that you wish to update.

  4. Select the Change option.

  5. On the E panel, update any of these fields:

    1. Description - name of the relationship.

    2. Work Center priority - the priority value assigned for the purpose of automatic scheduling when two or more resources have the same finish time on the operation.

      Note: The resource which has the highest value in the W/C priority field will be given the highest priority.
    3. Forced resource - if specified, this field indicates an alternative resource when the automatic outsourcing function is used in M3 Scheduling Workbench (SWB).

    4. Norm resource - if desired, specify a resource as a reference for reporting or analysis purposes.

    5. Efficiency factor - indicates the operation's normal ratio between planned time and actual time.

    6. Line control - select this check box to restrict the selections of resources for subsequent operations if this particular resource is selected in the automatic scheduling process.

    7. Preferred resource - select this check box to mark work center resources as preferred to be first selected at the time the M3 SWB automatic scheduler schedules an operation.

  6. Click Next to save your changes.

  7. Close the program when you are finished updating the desired work center-resource relationships.

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