Parameters to set

Program ID/ Panel


The field indicates …


Resources Type

…the type of resource a work center is.

These are the valid alternatives:

  • 1 = Resource for an operation for routing. Capacity is calculated from the data specified for the work center or during shift planning from a shift model.
  • 2 = Subcontractor in a routing.
  • 4 = Rough-cut capacity planning resource with capacity based on the work centers used.
  • 5 Rough-cut capacity planning resource with capacity calculated as in alternative 1.
  • 6 = Work center resource in MM3 Scheduling Workbench (SWB). This may be a single machine or operator, or a group of identical machines. This type of resource may belong to more than one work center group having alternative 1.
Note: When the M3 SWB flag is active in 'Facility.Open' (CRS008), the majority of information is specified on type 6 resources. Most fields for the type 1 work center are hidden, with the following exceptions:
  • Included in work center, Capacity type, Number of shifts and Utilization rate fields in (PDS010/E). The information in these fields is used in the product lead time calculation and must be specified both for type 1 and type 6 resources. - Default resource (mandatory) (PDS010/F).
  • All fields in (PDS010/G) as well as the Preparation and Post-operation time fields in (PDS010/K). These are copied from the Default resource when you create a new type 1 work center. They will be copied into routings when you create new routings. New manufacturing orders (and MO proposals) will use these routings' values.
  • Restriction U/M (optional) in (PDS010/K).



…the supplier's number in purchase order processing.

This number is displayed as default when new subcontract operations are added to the routing, and must be specified if the work center is type 2.

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