Follow these steps

Settings for the PO type

  1. Start 'Purchase Order Type. Open' (PPS095).

  2. Fill in the fields on the E, F, G, H, I, J, and K panels.

Texts connected to the purchase order - Header or lines

You can specify longer item texts and write this information on the purchase order as a line text (PPS201). The item number and item descriptions might not be sufficient to describe the requirements for a specific item to the supplier. The text is placed under the text function (F6) in 'Item. Open' (MMS001) and is connected to a purchase order type in 'PO Type. Connect Text' (PPS096).

The same function exists for the Suppliers/Financial (CRS624) and the Item/Supplier (PPS040) combination.

  1. Option 11='Text table' on the (PPS095/B) panel starts (PPS096).

  2. Specify 2='Item. Open' (MMS001) on the 'Text type' field.

  3. If the text in (MMS001) is saved as a text block, you must specify the ID for the text block in the 'Text block' field. If not, you can leave this field blank.

  4. On the E panel, select 3–'PO line text' on the 'Text category' field.

  5. Press Enter. The text for the item will be printed on the purchase order line.

    For connecting text from 'Supplier. Define Purchase Financial' (CRS624), select 'Text type' 1 and 'Text category' 1 or 2.

    For connecting text from 'Supplier. Connect Item' (PPS040), select 'Text type' 3 and 'Text category' 3.

Pre-text and post text on the purchase order

  1. Pre-text and post text for the header can be defined in 'Purchase Order. Open' (PPS200). By clicking F19='Pre-text' or F20='Post-text' on any of the detail panels in 'Purchase Order. Open' (PPS200), the text will be displayed on the purchase order documents.

  2. A line text can be attached by clicking F6 in 'Purchase Order. Open Lines' (PPS201).

  3. A more permanent post-text can be placed on all purchase orders. This can be used to inform the supplier of a change of address, for example. The text is placed in 'General Text. Open' (CRS950) and connected to parameter 13 in 'Settings – Purchasing' (CRS780).

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