Create Purchase Organization

This document shows how to define a purchase organization. A purchase organization can be used to group warehouses to support central purchasing processes, and to define that a purchase agreement is valid only for a certain purchase organization.


A purchase organization is created and can be added to a warehouse as a selection field which is used to consolidate warehouses for purchase agreement. It can also be added to a purchase agreement header.

The purchase organization codes are stored in the PPPORG table.

Before you start

No prerequisites are needed.

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Purchase Organization. Open' (PPS099).
  2. On the B panel, specify alphanumeric characters.
  3. Select 'Create' to create a record.
  4. On the E panel, specify the description and name.

Parameters to set

Program ID/ Panel Field The field indicates …
(PPS099/B) Purchase Organization … the purchase organization which is used to consolidate or group warehouses to define a central purchase agreement. An item to be purchased belonging to a warehouse with a purchase organization retrieve the purchase price from the connected purchase agreement.

The purchase organization is only supported by these agreement types: Normal Agreement, Blanket Agreement, and Delivery Schedule Agreement.

(PPS099/E) Description … the description of the current identity. Mandatory information.
(PPS099/E) Name ...the name of the current identity. When you edit descriptions and names and no name is specified, the first 15 positions from the description are defaulted as the name.
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