Internal Sales for Attribute Items

Order attributes

Order attributes that are to be inherited in the internal sales process must be defined with the same attribute identity in the attribute model of both the internal Purchase Order (PO) and Customer Order (CO). Then, at time of internal CO creation, the attribute values of the common attribute identities are inherited from the internal PO.

These order attributes cannot be manually changed on the internal customer order, since they are inherited and owned by the internal PO. The 'Generation reference' code of the attribute value is set to 07-'By order init' on 'Attribute Value. Connect To' (ATS101/E).

Lot attributes

Lot attributes assigned to the item's lot number are shared between the internal CO and PO, since these are connected to the item's lot number and will follow the inventory movement.

Balance identity attributes

Balance identity attributes connected to the dispatching warehouse location will not be carried over to the receiving warehouse. At the dispatching warehouse, it is possible to allocate goods from several different locations with different balance identity attribute values, pack in the same package and ship on the same delivery. Since one delivery can include items with possibly several different balance identity attributes, it cannot be automatically carried over as a default value to the receiving warehouse. Instead at PO goods receipt the attribute values of the PO, as defined at PO entry, are applied as default values. The attributes must then, as any other PO receipt transaction, be manually changed to correspond to the correct attribute values for the receipt.

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