Supply Chain Order for Internal Sales

This document describes the supply chain order for internal sales.

A supply chain order that involves the internal sales process follows the same rules as a typical supply chain order. The supply chain policy setup in 'Supply Chain Policy. Open' (CRS709) is considered in the supply chain order creation, downstream and upstream quantity, and date change of order within the chain.

The creation of internal orders, purchase orders (PO), and customer orders (CO) in the supply chain are based on internal sales setup.

See Defining Internal Sales.

Continuous supply chain explosion

If a supply chain is created with an internal purchase order and continuous explosion is used, the orders in the buying warehouse (external CO and internal PO) and selling warehouse (internal planned CO and supply order) are linked using one supply chain order. If stop explosion is used, the orders are only created in the buying warehouse. This order can be automatically linked to existing supply orders using the link exist order function, or through manual preallocation of internal planned CO in the selling warehouse.

See Linking Supply Orders.

The connections of the orders in the supply chain are retained when the internal PO is printed and internal CO is created. The quantity and planning date update of an internal PO linked to an internal CO does not process upstream and downstream changes.
Note: In 'Active Supply Chain. Display' (MWS150), internal planned COs are not displayed. The internal CO is only shown as linked to orders from the buying and selling warehouse.
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