Status - Request for Quotation

The status of a Request for Quotation (RFQ) is used to show the progress of the RFQ in the RFQ flow. Some of the statuses are set manually and some automatically.

The following status values are used:

00 - RFQ in progress (automatic)

10 - RFQ ready, (automatic)

20 - RFQ document printed/sent(automatic)

30 - Supplier has declined to give quotation (manual)

40 - Supplier has confirmed that quotation will be submitted (manual)

50 - Quotation received and values updated (automatic)

60 - Quotation not accepted, send No-Thank-You letter(manual)

65 - Quotation not accepted, do not send No-Thank-You letter (manual)

70 - No-Thank-You letter sent (automatic)

80 - Quotation accepted (manual)

90 - Agreement created from RFQ (automatic).