Status - Supplier Agreement

The status of a supplier agreement is used to show the progress of an agreement in the agreement flow.

The following status values are used:

The status of a supplier agreement cannot be changed to 40 unless the supplier has a status of 20=approved.

If status is <20 or >=80, the agreement is not used in purchase order line entry.

Status 01-09 or 11-19 (user defined) allows the agreement process to be configured as required for the specific industry and procurement requirements, enabling stricter process control at the outset of agreement creation. This is useful in some industries with complex procurement processes where it is necessary to track the progress of agreements, prior to purchase order creation, at a granular level.

If status is 20, 30 or 40, the agreement is valid and can be associated with a purchase order line.

Status 80 indicates that the actual received quantity is equal to or greater than the agreed quantity. This can either be set manually or automatically. Parameter 'Auto Fulfillment' on the Agreement controls whether or not this is set automatically.

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