Remanufacturing Core

This document explains how cores are repaired or remanufactured and then returned to stock in a specific condition.

A Core is defined as a component or subassembly such as an engine, gearbox, or fuel pump that can be rebuilt or remanufactured and is often available as part of a dealer exchange program.


The core is remanufactured and put into the remanufactured fleet. The remanufactured component is ready to be sold again to the customer.

How the system is affected

The core entitlement table (MITCEN) is updated and can be viewed in 'Core Entitlement. Open Toolbox' (MWS090)'.

A Core Entitlement is created between customer A and supplier X, when A purchases a product from X and where the product sales price includes a core charge. A then undertakes to return the core to X in order to receive the core refund.

Before you start

Settings must be defined as specified in Defining Settings for Component Exchange with Customer in Core Management Process and Defining Settings for Component Exchange with Supplier in Core Management Process.

Follow these steps

  1. Create work request for internal repair or subcontracting

    You create a work request for the repair of the core and you select an appropriate service. Services can be either a generic service, a repair, or a more specific service for the component, for example an overhaul.

    You can use a generic service for initial inspections in order to determine what must be done. Specific services have all operational steps and material requirements predefined.

    The target attribute can be defined on the service. This means that after the work order is closed, the component is assigned, for example, the attribute Remanufactured.

    The work request can be manually or automatically released to a work order.

    You create a work request in 'Work Request. Open' (MOS170) or in 'Work Request. Quick Entry' (MOS185).

  2. Return remanufactured component to stock

    When the work is completed, all material issues are reported and time transactions are specified, and the work order is closed. When you close a work order a stock location must be defined as put away, if it is not already predefined. In this scenario the stock location is the warehouse and location for the remanufactured fleet.

    You close the work order in 'Work Order. Close' (MOS050).

  3. Select new attribute at closing of order

    When you close the work order, an attribute that describes the condition of the component must be selected. The attribute can be retrieved from the service definition or manually selected from the predefined item attributes.

  4. Create account entries

    Accounting transactions are generated.

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