Occasional Subcontracting

This is an alternative way of subcontracting operations.

Sometimes, when there are capacity problems, one of the operations for a certain manufacturing order is subcontracted and an external supplier performs the operation on this special order.


An operation is rescheduled from in-house to be performed by an external supplier, and planned purchase order is created.

As part of this process, the following files are updated:

Before You Start

Follow These Steps

These steps describe the scenario when a manufacturing order is placed on the end product and an operation shall now be rescheduled from in-house to be performed by an external supplier.

  1. The product structure of the manufacturing order is changed in 'Manufacturing Order. Open Lines' (PMS101).

  2. Delete the in-house operation (work center) and create a new operation with the sub contracted work center. Redisplay (PMS101/B).

  3. When you press Close on the (PMS101/B) panel, 'Manufacturing Order. Reschedule' (PMS010/A) is started. Select option 'Create' and the rescheduling is initiated.

    The rescheduling is carried out by an autojob.

  4. Next step is to create the planned purchase order. Open 'Manufacturing Order. Open Lines' (PMS101) again. Open the G panel. Select F14= Crt sub contr. A planned purchase order can now be found in 'Planned Purchase Order. Open' (PPS170).

  5. The rest of the subcontracted operation flow is the same as the normal flow, see Workflow for Subcontracted Operations.

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