Perform Goods Receipt for Delivery Schedule Items

This document explains how you receive goods for purchase delivery schedule items.


The goods connected to your delivery schedule are received and put away at the plant.

How the System Is Affected

How the System Is Affected

The following files are updated:

Before you start

The parameters in Connect a Purchase Order to a Purchase Delivery Schedule must be set.

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Purchase Order. Receive Goods' (PPS300).

  2. Press F13 to open the P panel, and set the opening panel to A. Press Enter.

  3. On the A panel, enter the item number and quantity. Press Enter.

    • If the delivery-scheduled item is purchased from several suppliers, the correct supplier must be selected in the S panel of 'Purchase Order. Receive Goods' (PPS300/S).
    • The F panel will be displayed if the goods receiving method is direct put-away. Otherwise PPS300/B will be displayed.
  4. On the F panel, enter the location and lot number, number of packages, delivery number, and lot reference.

    • The report date is proposed by default.
    • The received quantity will be proposed and distributed starting with the first open PO line.
    • If a receipt is greater than the order quantity on one line, the remaining quantity will be deducted from the next line.
    • If the received quantity is greater then all available quantities on the PO lines, the last line will get the remaining quantity proposed.
  5. Press Enter.

    • The job is submitted.
    • After goods receipt, the received quantity is deducted from the remaining quantity and will be removed from the delivery schedule.
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