Create and Print Purchase Delivery Schedules

This document explains how you create a purchase delivery schedule either automatically or manually. It also explains how you print the purchase delivery schedule.


A purchase delivery schedule is created automatically or manually, which in turn triggers the creation of purchase order lines or planned purchase orders connected to the delivery-scheduled purchase order.

Use the purchase delivery schedule to do the following:

As part of this process, the following files are updated:

Before you start

Follow these steps

Automatic creation of a purchase delivery schedule

  1. Create a demand for the delivery schedule item by entering the safety stock in 'Item. Connect Warehouse' (MMS002) or by creating a customer order in 'Customer Order. Open' (OIS100).

  2. Start 'Material Plan. Open' (MMS080).

  3. On the B panel, enter the warehouse and item number.

  4. Select option F18 = MRP Calculation.

    A planned purchase order is created.

  5. Start 'Purchase Delivery Schedule. Open' (PPS210).

  6. On the B panel, enter the warehouse for sorting order 1. Press Enter.

    A delivery schedule is automatically created and connected to a purchase order, with status 15.

Manual creation of a purchase delivery schedule

  1. Start 'Purchase Delivery Schedule. Open' (PPS210).

    Note: It is not possible to manually create a delivery schedule via PPS200.
  2. Press F13 to open the P panel and set the opening panel to A. Press Enter.

  3. On the A panel, enter the warehouse, item number, supplier number, order type, and agreement number. Select New.

  4. On the E panel, enter the proposed quantity below the time axis.

    • The date displayed in the delivery schedule is controlled from the parameters on panel P of 'Delivery Schedule. Open' (PPS210/P). The displayed day could be Monday (=1), Tuesday (=2), Wednesday (=3), Thursday (=4) or Friday (=5).
    • The character in front of the date indicates if the date lies in the firm (*) or in the preliminary (-) range.
    • If the line is open, the order quantity can be re-planned from here.
    • If changes are made, this will directly affect the purchase order or the connected planned purchase order.
    • If more than one order lies in the period, the line will be closed.
    • If these orders have to be re-planned this must be done from the purchase order or the planned purchase order.
  5. On the F panel, enter the ship-via address and final destination address. Press Enter.

    The final destination is the optional address field that, if filled in, overrides the goods receiving address of the company.

Print a purchase delivery schedule

  1. Start 'Purchase Delivery Schedule. Open' (PPS210).

  2. Select the Delivery schedule with status 15.

    Status 15 = Ready for printout.

  3. Select option F14 = 'Prt dely sched' to continue to 'Purchase Delivery Schedule. Print' (PPS615/E).

  4. Enter the facility, supplier number, printout code, control changes, and report layout.

    • Two different period ranges can be selected.
    • Activate the control change parameter if changes to the delivery schedules should be checked for buyers and suppliers.
    • If a check is requested, and changes were made within the agreement's preliminary time horizon and the schedule has status 20 (printed), then the status of the delivery schedule is changed to 15 (selected for printing).
  5. Press Enter.

    • The printing job is submitted.
    • The purchase delivery schedule is assigned status 20 after it is printed.
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