Update and Print ABC Classification for Suppliers

This document explains how you update and print an ABC classification for suppliers.


The suppliers are classified into different groups depending on factors such as quality and delivery time.


Use the ABC classification to do the following:

How the System Is Affected

ABC classifications are updated in the MPURST file.

Before you start

The parameters in Define Settings for Supplier Evaluation and Statistics must be defined.

Follow These Steps

Update ABC Classification Statistics

  1. Start 'Supplier. Define Purchase & Financial' (CRS624).

  2. On the B panel, select the supplier to be updated and then select the Change option.

  3. On the E panel, enter the 'ABC class – supplier' and select the 'ABC method – supplier'.

    • The field 'ABC method – Supplier' indicates how that the ABC class is updated. The valid alternatives are:

    0 = Manually

    1= Automatically

    • The option automatically indicates that classes are defined automatically when the program 'ABC Classification Supplier' (PPS445) is run.
    • The calculated or manually defined ABC class is entered in the ABC class supplier field.
  4. Press Enter.

Print ABC Classification Supplier

  1. Start 'ABC Classification Supplier' (PPS445).

  2. Press F13 to open the P panel. Set the opening panel to E and press Enter.

  3. On the E panel, enter the supplier type, supplier group, supplier number, search key, quality class, buyer, and ABC class for supplier. Press Enter.

    • Two different period ranges can be selected.
    • The valid alternatives for supplier types are.

    0 = Supplier

    1 = Agent

    2 = Only payee

    3 = Supplier group

    5 = Forwarding agent

    6 = Insurance company

    8 = Miscellaneous suppliers

  4. On the F panel, enter the period ranges, ABC classification basis, update, update method 0, class A-J, and report text.

    • The ABC classification indicates a value used as the basis for calculating the ABC class. The valid alternatives are:

    1 = Invoiced amount for period

    2 = Number of order lines in period

    3 = Accumulated supplier performances valid at a specific period.

    • If the last alternative is selected, the 'From' or 'To' period ranges must be either empty or equal.
    • The update field determines if the calculation updates the supplier or it is simulation. A report is printed listing proposed ABC classes.
    • Select the "Update method 0" check box to manually update the suppliers.
    • The ABC class can be divided into a maximum of 10 different subclasses using the Class A to J fields. It is not limited to three classes as the name ABC class indicates. The sum of the percentages entered in the fields must be equal to 100.
  5. Press Enter.

    The printing job is submitted.

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