Display Purchase Statistics

This document explains how you display purchase statistics. The detailed purchase statistics contain information about the closed purchase order lines for each item or for each supplier.


Detailed purchase statistics are generated. The purchase statistics are updated in the MPURST file.

Use the purchase statistics to do the following:

Before you start

The parameters in Define Settings for Supplier Evaluation and Statistics must be defined.

Follow These Steps

Display Detailed Purchase Statistics

  1. Start 'Purchase Statistics. Display' (PPS450).

  2. Press F13 to activate the P panel. Set the opening panel to A and the panel sequence to EFGH1.

  3. Press Enter.

  4. On the B panel, enter the item number, buyer, invoice date, facility, and warehouse (for sorting order 1 and 2).

  5. On the B panel, enter the supplier number, buyer, item number, invoice date, facility, and warehouse (for sorting order 3).

  6. On the B panel, enter the supplier number, buyer, purchase order number, purchase order line, facility, and warehouse (for sorting order 4).

  7. Press Enter.

  8. You can view the following information in the panels indicated.

    • Detailed date and quantity information about the purchase order line: E panel.
    • Price and delivery information: F panel.
    • Information about an item: G panel.
    • The summary of the statistics for the purchase order line: H panel. The 'Discrepancy days' field is calculated in number of working days.
  9. Press Enter to continue to 'Purchase Order. Display Invoice Trans' (PPS410).

Display Purchase Order Invoice Transaction

  1. On the B panel, the purchase order number, supplier number, warehouse, item number, and status are automatically retrieved.

    • The supplier invoice numbers that are booked against this purchase order line are displayed.
    • If the entire quantity on the purchase order line is invoiced on the same invoice, only one entry appears in this program.
    • Status 80/85 on an order line means that invoice reporting has started but the whole quantity has not been invoice-reported.

Print Purchase Statistics

  1. Start 'Supplier Quotation. Print Price Evaluation' (PPS865).

  2. On the B panel, enter the supplier group, supplier number, buyer, order type, facility, warehouse, priority, item type, item group, procurement group, ABC classification, volume, item number, and currency.

    • Two different ranges can be selected.
    • Sorting order can be marked, using numerical values. The lowest numerical value is given the highest priority.
    • Activate the 'Page break' check box to print totals at line breaks.
  3. Press Enter.

    The printing job is submitted.

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