Create Purchase Inquiry from a Planned PO

This document explains how you create a purchase inquiry for a supplier from a planned purchase order.


A purchase inquiry is created from a planned purchase order.

The following files are updated:

The purchase inquiry is used to request and evaluate price quotes from different suppliers. A purchase order is created for the supplier who offered the best price by copying the purchase order inquiry in 'Purchase Order. Open' (PPS200/C).

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Planned Purchase Order. Open' (PPS170).

  2. On the B panel, enter a co-sorting ID for the lines to be included in the purchase inquiry. The lines are marked with a two-letter combination, for example AA.

  3. Press Enter to save your changes.

  4. Select F15 = Create Inquiry. 'Purchase Inquiry. Create from Planned PO' (PPS173/E) is displayed.

    If you have marked lines with two different suppliers; two different inquires will be created.

    If you have marked lines with the same supplier but two different item numbers; two lines, one for each item number, will be created on the inquiry.

    The supplier number displayed here is a suggestion for the planned purchase order.

  5. On the E panel, enter the necessary information. The different fields are:

    • Order type. The order type must be an order type based on purchase order category 10 (Inquiry).
    • Co-sorting identity. The selected ID is displayed and can be changed.
    • Clear co-sorting. This field indicates whether the letter combination should be cleared after the inquiry is created. It is easier to find the planned purchase order lines if the field is not cleared.
    • Our reference no. This field indicates the reference number that is found on the purchase order lines.
    • Request delivery date. The request delivery date is the date on which you would like the items delivered.
    • Follow-up date. This field indicates an optional date for monitoring an agreement, using own report templates.
    • Create interact. Inquiries can be created interactively or in a batch run by selecting this check box.

      A maximum of ten suppliers can be entered.

  6. Press Enter. The purchase inquiry is created. The PPS170/B panel is displayed.

    The status of the planned purchase order changes from 15 to 55 after the inquiry is created.

    The created purchase inquiries from all the suppliers are displayed in 'Purchase Order. Open' (PPS200).

    Both purchase orders and purchase order inquiries are displayed. To select only the inquiries, specify the appropriate order type (010) as the selection criterion. The inquiry will have status 15 if not yet printed

Parameters to Set

Program ID/Panel Field The field indicates …
(PPS095/E) Number series - PO ...the number series to use when purchase order numbers are entered for the purchase order type.
(PPS095/G) PO Type check

…whether the purchase order should be reconciled for each supplier against the table of approved purchase order types.

The valid alternatives are:

1 = No

2 = Yes, warning which can be overridden

3 = Yes, warning which cannot be overridden.

(CRS780/F) 30 Fixed post-text -purchase inquiry reply

…the ID for the text printed at the bottom of the purchase inquiry reply document in 'Purchase Inquiry. Print Reply Document' (PPS610).

The text must be defined as internal or external, and the language code must be the same as the supplier's.

Texts are defined in (CRS950).

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