Create Purchase Inquiry Manually

This document explains how you create a purchase inquiry manually for a supplier.


A purchase inquiry is created manually.

The following files are updated:

The purchase inquiry is used to request and evaluate price quotes from different suppliers. Purchase inquiries are accepted or rejected depending on the price offered. The accepted inquiries are copied to a purchase order in 'Purchase Order. Open' (PPS200).

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Purchase Order .Open' (PPS200).

  2. On the A panel, enter the facility, warehouse, request delivery date, and order type.

    The order category of purchase order type must be 010 for inquiries.

  3. Press Enter.

  4. On the E, F and G panels, enter information about the delivery items, addresses, and goods receiving method.

  5. Press Enter to display 'Purchase Order. Open Lines' (PPS201/B).

  6. On the B1 panel, enter the items to include in the purchase inquiry.

    The purchase inquiry is created. The PPS200/B panel is displayed.

  7. Press F15 = Inquiry Doc in 'Purchase Order. Open' (PPS200/B) or use 'Purchase Inquiry. Print Document' (PPS605) to print the inquiry document.

    The status changes from 15 to 20 after the inquiry is printed.

    The printed documents are sent to the suppliers. The suppliers return the documents along with price quotes. If necessary, a reminder can be printed from 'Purchase Inquiry. Print Reminder' (PPS675).

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