Managing Purchase Inquiries

This document explains how you create a purchase inquiry for different suppliers, print a purchase order inquiry, and copy the accepted purchase inquiry to a purchase order.


A purchase inquiry is created for different suppliers. The supplier who offers the best price is selected, and the supplier details are copied to a purchase order. “No thank you” letters are printed and sent to the other suppliers.

The following files are updated:

The purchase inquiry can be used for the purchase of items that are not regularly bought. When there is no agreement with any particular supplier, a purchase inquiry is created to request price quotes from different suppliers.

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Create Purchase Inquiry

    Create a purchase inquiry when there is no agreement with any particular supplier.

    A purchase inquiry can be created either automatically from a planned purchase order or manually in 'Purchase Order. Open' (PPS200).

  2. Print and Evaluate Purchase Inquiry

    You can print a completed purchase inquiry by selecting F15 = Print in 'Purchase Order. Open (PPS200) or by using 'Purchase Inquiry. Print Document' (PPS605).The status of the purchase inquiry changes to 20 after it is printed.

    The documents are then sent to the suppliers. The suppliers return the documents along with a price quote. If necessary, a reminder can be printed from 'Purchase Inquiry. Print Reminder' (PPS675).

    3. Accept/Reject Purchase Inquiry

    The received supplier quotes are evaluated manually. The status of rejected purchase order inquiries is manually set to 60 or 65 with or without a “No thank you” letter.

    You can print “No thank you” letters for the rejected purchase inquiries from 'Purchase Inquiry. Print Reply Document' (PPS610/E).The status of a rejected purchase inquiry is automatically set to 70 after it is printed.

    The status of accepted purchase order inquiries is set to 80.The purchase inquiry is then copied to a normal purchase order.

    3. Copy the Purchase Inquiry to a Purchase Order

    The accepted purchase inquiry is copied to a normal purchase order .The order type of the copied purchase inquiry must be changed to a normal order type in 'Purchase Order. Open' (PPS200/C).

    After the purchase inquiry is copied to the purchase order, the purchase inquiry status is automatically set to 90, and a new purchase order that has status 15 is created.

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