Create a Purchase Order Requisition

This document explains how you can create a purchase order (PO) requisition. The PO requisition contains information about the requirement for stocked items, non stocked items, and services.

The PO requisition will be a planned purchase order after registration and can be further processed and released in 'Planned Purchase Order. Open' (PPS170).


A PO requisition is manually created. A planned purchase order is also automatically created by the system.


A PO requisition is an easy way to enter a requirement into the system. It can be used for requisition of stocked items, non-stocked items, and services.

For example, production personnel can use PO requisitions to create requirements for non-stocked items and the buyer then releases the PO requisition in 'Planned Purchase Order. Open' (PPS170).

How the system is affected

The PO requisitions are stored in the Planning Proposal Purchase (MPOPLP) file.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Purchase Requisition. Open' (PPS180). A new requisition order can be created on the A panel or B panel.

    A list of existing requisition orders are displayed on the B1 panel.

  2. On the A or B panel enter the warehouse, item number, supplier, planned quantity, and planned delivery date.

  3. Select Create. The E panel is displayed. A 'Planned order' is automatically created with a number series retrieved from 'Number Series. Open' (CRS165).

    The default values for the supplier and buyer are displayed from 'Item. Connect Warehouse' (MMS002). You can also change the default values on this panel.

  4. Press F20 = Generate PO number, to create a purchase order number for the requisition at this level. A PO number is displayed in the PO number field.

    When a planned order is released in 'Planned Purchase Order. Open' (PPS170), this number is used as the created purchase order number.

  5. Press Enter to display the B panel. You can view the created PO requisition either on the (PPS180/B) panel or as a planned purchase order in 'Planned Purchase Order. Open' (PPS170/B).The status of the planned purchase order is 20 = Purchase requisitions/planned work orders.

    When the planned purchase order is released to a purchase order, the status in (PPS180) and (PPS170) will be raised to 60 = Released to create purchase/work order.

    On the B panel, option 20 = Attr values will be activated if your item is connected to attributes.

    PO requisitions can be printed in 'Purchase Requisition. Print' (PPS185) or press F16 = Print on the (PPS180/B) panel.

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