Planned Purchase Order

This document describes how to work with planned purchase orders and how to release them to purchase orders in M3.

A planned purchase order is a proposal for a purchase order. The planned orders can be created in different ways in M3 both automatically and manually. The proposed values in the planned orders, for example the quantity, can be changed. After release of a planned purchase order a purchase order is created with the values from the proposal.


A planned purchase order is created and is released to a purchase order. Planned purchase orders are stored in the MPOPLP table.

After a planned purchase order is released, a purchase order is created with the values from the proposal.

Before you start

Basic settings for the purchase flow must be specified according to the following: Basic Settings for the Purchase Flow.

Different ways to create a planned purchase order

The following section describes the different ways in which a planned purchase order can be created.


Each planned purchase order has a status which indicates its progress in the flow. For example, if the status is 00 then the planned order is stopped due to errors.

The errors can be reviewed through warning messages, which indicate what is missing or wrong in the planned order. If the warning message is a letter, then it is a stop message and the planned order cannot be released until the error is corrected.

If a planned order refers directly to a superior order (such as a direct purchase against a customer order), the planned order status cannot fall below 20.

When the planned order is for a firm planned order, the status is set to 20 at least, except for errors and warnings (status codes 00 and 05 as below).

A manually set status involves setting the status for the planning policy as default release status.

The valid alternatives are:

Origin (Generation reference)

The Origin (Generation reference) field on the planned purchase order indicates how the planned order was created. For example, a value of 29 in this field means that the planned purchase order was created from a purchase requisition.

The valid alternatives are:

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