Report Shipment Advice for PO

This document explains how you report that the supplier has advised the ordered goods for shipment from the plant. The shipment advice also contains information about when your goods have been sent, as well as transport and packaging facts, which you report into the system.


A PO is shipment advised and the goods are about to be delivered to your plant. You have updated information about the transport, you know when and how the goods are shipped and whether a via terminal is used. You also know about, for example, the forwarding agent, bill of lading, packing slip number and carrier name.

The files used for the programs in the flow are:

You can notify transportation for the PO in 'Purchase Order. Notify Transportation' (PPS270).

The next mandatory step is to receive the ordered goods in 'Purchase Order. Receive Goods' (PPS300).

It is possible to reverse the logging of shipment advice in 'Purchase Order. Display Line Trans' (PPS330).

Before you start

A PO must have been created. See Create, Release and Display Purchase Order.

Follow These Steps

Advise Shipment for the Complete PO

  1. Start 'Purchase Order. Advise Shipment' (PPS260/B).

  2. On the B panel, advise shipment for the complete PO by pressing F14=Confirm all.

  3. On the F panel, enter the shipment date, forwarding agent, bill of lading, delivery note number and carrier name (optional fields). Press F14='Confirm all' again.

    The status of the complete PO is now raised to 40=Shipment advised. You have finished the reporting and can quit the program.

Advise Shipment for a Specific Order Line

  1. Start 'Purchase Order. Advise Shipment' (PPS260/B).

  2. On the B panel, select the specific order line you want to advise for shipment and then select option 12=Confirmation.

    Note: You cannot add any information to the order line with this action.

    The status on this specific order line is now raised to 40.

Adjust an Order Line

  1. On the B panel, select option 'Open' for the order line you wish to adjust.

  2. On the E panel, review that the shipment date and advised quantity are correct.

  3. Enter forwarding agent, bill of lading, delivery note number and carrier name (optional fields).

  4. Press Enter to save your changes and to redisplay the B panel.

Reverse a Shipment Advice

A shipment advice can be reversed by deleting the transaction in 'Purchase Order. Display Line Trans' (PPS330). After the deletion, a new shipment advice can be entered on the line in 'Purchase Order. Advise Shipment' (PPS260).

Parameters to Set

Program ID/Panel Field The field indicates …
(PPS095/I) 531 PO transaction - shipment advice

… whether a shipment advise should lead to creation of lines in the purchase order's transaction file

These lines are for information purposes only and enable follow-up of transport times.

This parameter must always be activated!

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