Report Confirmation of PO

This document explains how you report that the supplier has confirmed your purchase order (PO) and that the goods will be delivered, and how you make changes to order data such as delivery date, quantity, price and discount.


A PO is confirmed and the supplier will deliver the goods you have ordered. Some information may have been changed, however. For example, the ordered quantity may not be available, the price may have changed for the item or the supplier may not be able to deliver the goods within the requested time.

The files used for the programs in the flow are:

You can advise shipment for the PO in 'Purchase Order. Advise Shipment' (PPS260) and/or notify transportation in 'Purchase Order. Notify Transportation' (PPS270). The next mandatory step is to receive the ordered goods in 'Purchase Order. Receive Goods' (PPS300). It is possible to reverse the logging of order confirmation in 'Purchase Order. Display Line Trans' (PPS330).

Before you start

A PO must have been created. See Create, Release and Display Purchase Order.

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Purchase Order. Confirm' (PPS250/B).

    Confirm the Complete PO

  2. On the B panel, confirm the complete PO by pressing F14=Confirm all.

  3. The F panel is opened, enter the confirmed delivery date and supplier order number, if there is one.

    On the confirmation report from the supplier, you find the supplier's own order number, which is useful when you receive the goods.

  4. Review 'Your reference' and change if necessary. Press F14 again.

    The status of the complete PO is now raised to 35=Purchase price and delivery date confirmed and approved. You have finished the reporting and can quit the program.

    Confirm a Specific Order Line

  5. On the B panel, select the specific order line you want to confirm and select option 12=Confirmation.

    Note: You cannot add any information to the order line with this action.

    The status on this specific order line is now raised to 35.

    Adjust an Order Line

  6. On the E panel, review 'Your reference' and change if necessary. Enter 'Supplier order number' (optional field).

    On the confirmation report from the supplier, you find the supplier's own order number, which is useful when you receive the goods.

  7. Enter the data that the supplier has confirmed; that is, confirmed delivery date, confirmed quantity, confirmed purchase price, confirmed purchase price quantity and confirmed discounts.

    The data from your original order line is displayed on the right-hand side of the panel.

    If ordered discount is denied and confirmed discount 1, 2 or 3 is to be set to zero, enter 1='Update confirmed discount' to clear the discount.

    If it is probable that you will receive the delivery on another date than confirmed, you can enter a 'Deviating confirmed delivery date'. The deviating date will then act as the basis for planning, but not for the supplier delivery time follow-up.

  8. If you have changed order data, enter a status manually based on the changes you have made.

    Alternatives when entering status manually:

    31=Delivery date confirmed

    32=Purchase price confirmed

    33=Purchase price and delivery date confirmed but not approved.

    Note: If order line status is not raised manually, despite order data changes, the status will automatically be 35 when you quit the program.

    Split a PO Line

  9. On the E panel, fill in the quantity to confirm In the 'Confirm quantity' field and the date in the 'Confirmed delivery date' field. Press Enter. The system now calculates the rest of the quantity, which is not confirmed. You can now confirm this quantity and fill in another delivery date, or you can leave this blank and confirm another time.

    Reverse of a PO Confirmation

  10. An order line confirmation can be reversed by deleting the transaction in 'Purchase Order. Display Line Trans' (PPS330). After the deletion, a new order confirmation can be entered on the line in 'Purchase Order. Confirm' (PPS250).

    Following up on PO Confirmations

  11. There is functionality for following up on confirmations and also to produce a Purchase order confirmation reminder document from the system. This is done in 'Purchase Order. Print Confirm Reminder ' (PPS670).

Parameters to Set

Program ID/Panel Field The field indicates …
(PPS095/H) 360 PO status -confirmed- after printing … whether the purchase order should be assigned a confirmed status when being printed (status 35).
(PPS095/I) 530 PO transaction - order confirmation

… whether an order confirmation should lead to creation of lines in the purchase order's transaction file.

This file can be viewed in 'Purchase Order. Display Line Trans' (PPS330) and is used for information purposes only.

This parameter must always be a activated !

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