Create and Split Lots in the Purchasing Flow

This instruction explains how to create and split lots in the purchasing flow.


A lot number or an item with a serial number is created during goods receiving for purchased items.

A received quantity is split into the created lots.

This process is used to handle lots and serial numbers in the purchasing flow.

An item with a lot number is stored in the MILOMA file. Transaction history about a lot is stored in the MITTRA table.

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Open 'Purchase Order. Receive' (PPS300) and fill in the Item and Line fields. Open the (PPS300/E) panel.

    A lot number is either created automatically or has to be created manually on the (MMS300/E) panel. This depends on the following settings:

    The 'Lot numbering method' field on the 'Item. Open' (MMS001/E) panel

    The 080 parameter on the 'Goods Receiving Method. Open' (PPS345/E) panel.

  2. Fill in the Quantity and Location fields if there is only one lot or serial number connected to the received item. The goods receiving for this order line is finished.

  3. To use serial number handling or lot splitting, start 'Purchase Order. Create Item Lots' (PPS315) by pressing F17 on the (PPS300/E) panel.

  4. On the (PPS315/B) panel, fill in the 'No. of lots' and 'Manufacturing date' fields (important for calculating expiration date) and press Enter. The same number of lines as there are lots will be opened.

  5. If the lot number method on the (MMS001/E) panel is set to 1=Manually entered, then enter the lots/serial numbers and information about the lots and serial numbers here. Otherwise, the lot numbers are created and displayed automatically.

  6. Confirm the updates by pressing F14 on the (PPS315/B) panel. Press F3 if you get a warning Creation of lots performed -continue? The (PPS300/E) panel is redisplayed.

  7. To update the quantities for the created lots or serial numbers, press F14 on the (PPS300/E) panel. This starts 'Purchase Order. Split Lines' (PPS302/B).

  8. Split the received transaction quantity into the created lots. The sum of the split quantities must equal the transaction quantity.

    Note: If the item is serialized, then only one balance identity for each lot/serial number is allowed.
  9. Confirm by pressing F14. The goods are received and separated into lots. The (PPS300/B) panel is displayed.

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