Managing Internal Sales Pricing

To gain a price overview prior to entering the internal sales order, the price information must be maintained both in a purchase agreement and in one of the possible price origins of the customer order, that is customer agreements, price lists etc. A synchronized pricing logic is not supported; hence a customer order price list cannot be applied within the purchase agreements.

Once the internal purchase order is printed, the purchase sales price can be carried over to the customer order. The setting ‘Source sales price’ in 'Settings – Batch Orders' (OIS278) controls whether the price is accepted or disregarded.

If disregarded, the Customer Order (CO) line retrieves the sales price based on its own price search sequence defined per CO type in 'CO Type. Open' (OIS010). However, if the purchase price is configured to be carried over to the customer order, the price origin of the customer order line is set to A – ‘Price from external system via API or internal purchase order’.

For both scenarios, the CO line’s sales price is always confirmed in 'Purchase Order. Confirm' (PPS250) upon printing the customer order confirmation.


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