Create Core Policy Selection Table

This document describes how to create a core policy selection table. In direct relation to the core policy itself, this program controls which policy should be applied. This is performed via a control table.


You have created a core policy selection table.

Before you start

A core policy must be set up in 'Core Policy. Open' (CRS162).

A generic object control table (CMS017) must exist.

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Core Policy Selection Table. Open' (CRS161).

  2. Select relevant 'Priority' created in 'Generic Object Control Table. Open' (CMS017).

  3. Specify relevant information and 'Fr dt'.

  4. Select Options > Create.

  5. The E panel opens.

  6. Specify 'Core policy'.

  7. Click Next.

    A selection table is created.

  8. To finish, click Close.

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